Who is serena dating in season 6

Lily only agreed to attend dinner because she assumed that Rufus’s wife (who he’d been lowkey separated from for most of the season) wasn’t going to be there.

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I have a soft spot for scandals, fall fashion and scheming, and the Gossip Girl Thanksgiving episodes are a perfectly prepared hot plate of my guilty pleasures.Eventually, it ends up blowing up in her face, because Aaron runs into Dan, who lets it slip that Serena isn’t as “clean” as she may claim.The whole thing ends up in Dan and Aaron having a showdown of the Two Ugly Brown Jackets, and Serena walks away unscratched (per usual).Through the flashbacks, we learn that Blair’s life is actually kind of a mess.Last year, the poor thing naïvely sent her boyfriend upstairs to handle her hammered best friend (that he cheated on her with).

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