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‘I highly doubt that’ll work in the long run.’ He’s right though.

I say I like tall guys but looking back, many of the guys I’ve dated have been distinctly average in height.

‘You can tell whether or not you find someone’s physique appealing by a picture but height isn’t always obvious.

‘I would not be offended if a man asked me how tall I was on Tinder, so I don’t think men should also be offended.’ Lisa makes a good point that it all depends how you broach the height topic.

He was good-looking, had good chat and was a bit older, which is something I’m dabbling in after mostly dating younger guys. I’m 5’9, which isn’t crazy tall but I’ve often found myself towering over men and I don’t like it (more on that later.) We’d already agreed to meet up, but I really wanted to know how tall he was to know what shoes to wear.

Now, I don’t wear heels, but I live in chunky ankle boots which often have a two inch flatform – and these two inches could well push me into ‘taller than him’ category.

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Diane agrees: ‘If women are okay with men asking them about their weight or breast size I guess then it is fine.‘There are good and bad ways to ask,’ she tells us.‘Saying that you’re asking because you only date tall guys can sound quite rude.‘This is where Tinder and the like are probably the downfall of real adult relationships,’ says 28-year-old Raff.‘We’ve reached a point where we make all our interactions based on looking at photos and limited text based conversation, whereas if you were in a bar and you saw a guy who was shorter, there is still the possibility of it lighting a fire in you somewhere.

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