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The effect of this is captured in SAP Note 2433337 and SAP Note 2475569 and also a blog. If you have either: Then these ‘add-ons’ and clients simply won’t work with BI 4.2 Support Pack 4.(Technically the add-on will work, but you won’t be able to use the respective client to go with it since the communication between that client and the server is broken as per SAP Note 2475569) This part of gotcha 2 is also limited in time, since you’ll probably update you server add-ons to the latest release (the ones that won’t have this issue).This gotcha has many other implications that are described in Note and Blog mentioned earlier.But let me summarise: The two gotchas together can be more confusing, so I’ve built this diagram to show various workflows of what is supported and what is not and how you navigate your way around.Lets say you want to update to a more recent version of the BI Platform, lets says that’s BI 4.2 Support Pack 3.But the Lumira add-on (1.27) isn’t supported on BI 4.2 SP3, so does this mean you need to go ‘via’ some Support Pack first or go ‘via’ some add-on? You apply the Support Pack first (BI 4.2 SP3), THEN apply the add-on update (1.31 being the latest).This isn’t a general rule that will last very long.A bit more about that: If you’re updating your Platform to the latest version, currently BI 4.2 SP4, you’ll almost certainly going to update your add-ons to the latest version too.

Lumira 2.0 Beta and EAC The Early Adopter Care (EAC) provides selected customers with Lumira 2.0 SP0 and Lumira 2.0 SP1.The installer program in the existing add-ons (that where released prior to BI 4.2 SP4) can’t be used with BI 4.2 SP4 or later.So, you either need to update your add-on before applying BI 4.2 SP4, or wait until the next release of your add-on. This gotcha is limited in time to the next release of these add-ons.At the intermediate stage you’ll have BI 4.2 SP3 installed with an old (unsupported) version of the add-on (1.27), but this is ok since you’re not going to be using the software, you’ll going to update it almost immediately.However, there’s a complication with BI 4.2 Support Pack 4.

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