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The coach calls timeout to ensure a replay, argues his case and gets flagged. But after officials give the Knights the ball, the referee announces unsportsmanlike conduct “on the UCF head coach.” It’s his second in three games. An athletic department official points to the student section.“For a school as big as this one to have that many students at a football game when we’re No. I think if this place had been around as long as some of the other schools in the country, this would be a powerhouse.”The state has a history of upstart football programs.Fans behind the Knights’ sideline stand and cheer.“Frost! 18 in the country is embarrassing.”Go to Florida and the crowd sounds like a “jet engine” every time an opponent snaps the ball, says the UCF staffer.“Here they cheer for 10 seconds on third down, that’s about it. Florida State was nothing until Bobby Bowden arrived in 1976.

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He took a white folding table, erected a five-foot wall in the middle and marked each side into a 100-square grid.

All flanked by residential halls and parking garages as colorful as the Disney castle. It’s 30 miles from the beach and 25 miles from the Magic Kingdom.

It has the feel of a college football expansion franchise — with 73-degree Saturdays in November.“Our best days are ahead of us,” said Athletic Director Danny White.

A few signs promote outstanding alumni (most notably Daunte Culpepper).

Aside from that, these metal bleachers could belong to any small school in Florida.

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