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They gave a collection of 12 vignettes to a large number of participants—one vignette per person.

All of the vignettes told the same basic story: Someone transmits a disease to someone else during a casual sexual encounter, that they had something to transmit.

Conley of the University of Michigan, the HIV estimate should be bigger—a lot bigger.

In fact, the average guess for the HIV case was a little over 71 people per thousand, while the average guess for the car-crash scenario was about 4 people per thousand. parents try to “micromanage” their children’s sexuality, “with the danger of STIs [Sexually Transmitted Infections] being a large part of that.”At the same time, “parents are excited about kids getting their driver's licenses, and do not regularly forbid their child from driving …

When you renew your membership, you're not only investing in your own career, but in the advancement of urology.

Your membership entitles you to high quality, evidence-based urologic education worldwide. Did you know that physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other advanced practice professionals working in urology can join the AUA? The Urology Care Foundation continues to build a robust library of urologist-approved patient educational materials based on AUA Guidelines.

Using a condom will dramatically reduce your chances of transmitting an STI like chlamydia, but it would have no effect on transmitting the swine flu.

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For example, the more individuals experience stigma associated with their weight, the less likely they are to lose weight.”So, they conclude, “we have every reason to suspect that stigmatizing STIs will [likewise] be associated with poorer sexual-health outcomes.”They give two examples to illustrate this risk.There is some evidence, though it is contested, that increasing stigma around smoking actually has been pretty effective in reducing the number of smokers over time.When it comes to stigmatization, then, the question is whether risky sex is more like smoking, or more like overeating.Imagine that a thousand people—randomly selected from the U. How many will die on the trip as a result of a car crash? If you’re anything like the participants in a new study led by Terri D. How many of them will eventually die from contracting HIV from that single sexual encounter? These people will drive from Detroit to Chicago tomorrow—about 300 miles.

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