Sean faris and eva longoria dating

She lives in Los Angeles, is doing a lot of philanthropic and political work, and is developing a number of TV shows, including the NBC dating series Eva Longoria's tattoo is history.The former Desperate Housewives star had ex-husband Tony Parker's jersey number (NINE) inked on her back, though it's since been removed, leaving a nasty looking red blotch.While auditioning for the role of Dino Whitmas in Life As We Know It, he helped newcomer Missy Peregrym by simply wearing slippers.When he put them on, Missy remarked, "Why are you wearing slippers? Apprehensive at first when Kelly Osbourne would be one of his castmates in Life As We Know It; afraid that she wouldn't take the role seriously.The LA Times reports a source saying; "Mark says he is really upset about the breakup with Eva.He is telling friends he tried everything he could to make her happy, and to make things work between them, but they live in very different worlds," a person close to the situation told the New York Post." The source said, "The problem was Mark is very focused on football, while Eva is a busy businesswoman.Most of the info here is collected from around the web, so don't blame me... Gay Horror Film Star Sean Faris Enjoyed 'Getting Wet'Sean Faris, who bears a remarkable resemblance to a young Tom Cruise, is starring as a hot skater-boy in Sleepover.But before he gained some respectability as an actor, Faris paid the rent by starring in MTV's "Undressed" and low budget flicks like The Brotherhood II: Young Warlocks - a homoerotic horror tale; kind of like a gay version of Skulls.

Trivia Has said that he doesn't like junk food, it depresses him. While filming in Vancouver for Life As We Know It and Reunion he resided in the city for a while."Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd is a theme song that he has said relates to his life. Named the Junior Male Model of the Year at the IMTA event in 1999 even though he was four to six inches shorter than his competitors. Most of his family members live back in Houston while his mother and stepfather still live in Parma. He graduated with honors in 2000 and moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue an acting career a few weeks later. Born in Houston, Texas; moved to Parma, Ohio, at age 12 with his mother.

" The casting directors felt the connection between them. However, he's changed his tune and praises her as being a talented actress.

When asked who he'd like to meet, dead or alive, Sean answered "Alexander the Great."Private Life Sean, like many other celebrities, prefers and tries to keep his private life closed off to the paparazzi.

Like many other celebrities, or well-known personnel, many people have posed as Faris with fake myspace accounts.

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