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What will be less available and less familiar is what kind of person Carter is.To many Americans, the old charge that he was “fuzzy” on the issues may be less accurate than the persistent feeling that he is fuzzy as a personality.

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But he can take it as well as dish it out and, unlike many other politicians I’ve interviewed, he’ll eventually respond directly to a question if you press him hard enough.

Brother Billy Carter was in his blue overalls, leaning against a storefront, drawling about this and that to one of the locals who hadn’t been up to New York City for the big show.

We drove past the Secret Service barricades, past daughter Amy’s lemonade stand, and parked in front of the Carter home.

As we entered the front door, the candidate, dressed in rumpled work clothes and dusty clodhoppers, was ushering out an impeccably dressed six-man contingent from Playboy on the same afternoon.

Carter flashed us every one of his teeth: ‘Yeah, but you guys must have some kind of blackmail leverage on Jody.

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