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Try Squarespace for free and help support The Art of Charm! Jennifer is a scholar-in-residence at Duke University; she’s also a writer, scientist and animal behavior expert.Her book, , gives the low-down on what the love lives of animals can tell us about human relationships and human dating.In 1993, he was convicted and jailed for evading taxes on some million in income.The state bar suspended him and he was forced into bankruptcy.Week Two: A) Spend the entire next week pondering over who should make the next move. C) Repeat Week One, all along pretending that Night One #1 and Night One #2 never happened.It is not assumed here that the guy will take the lead in the relationship. If the Swedish guy, is, surprise, surprise, forward enough to actually open his mouth and say something at all during this date, he may feel that it is now the girl's turn to put herself out on a limb. Sometime in the next year: A) Do something very scary: go out to dinner.She has spoken on the topic with NPR and has her own weekly blog on Psychology Today (links to both are in the resources section below).

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Please join me in thanking Jennifer for being on the show.

B)Once again, bring up the subject of the horrors of the housing market, this time with an ulterior motive. At some point in the future: A) Maybe, just maybe, get married.

The process by which single men and women meet and agree to marry can readily be seen as a market phenomenon in which both material and psychological benefits are exchanged in the process of forming and formalizing ongoing relationships.

and she has devoted her academic life to studying the mating and dating behaviors of the animal world.

Today she joins us to talk about what she’s observed in the animal kingdom, how humans can apply it to their own lives to better understand themselves, their dating experiences and their relationships.

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