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Individual users may read messages from and post messages to a local server operated by a commercial usenet provider, their Internet service provider, university, employer, or their own server.Usenet has significant cultural importance in the networked world, having given rise to, or popularized, many widely recognized concepts and terms such as "FAQ", "flame", and "spam".This painting appears to depict the birth of Cupid, with attendants ministering to his mother, Venus. 8 (as "Venus and Cupid," by a French assistant of Rosso, about 1540). The lively, decorative composition is typical of French artists working in the style developed by the Italians at the château de Fontainebleau, such as Rosso Fiorentino of Florence and Primaticcio and Niccolo dell Abate of Bologna. Prince Antonin Juritzky, also known as Alfred Juritzky-Warberg, Vienna or Schloss Gablitz, near Vienna (in 1923); [Nicholas A. ); sold to Kleinberger]; [Kleinberger, Paris and New York, until 1934; sold to Wildenstein]; [Wildenstein, New York, 1934–41; sold to MMA] Paris. "French Painting: 1100–1900," October 18–December 2, 1951, no. 205–9, ill., publishes this painting as Venus and Cupid with Attendants, in a private collection, Vienna; attributes it to Primaticcio, comparing it with "The Concert" (Louvre, Paris), traditionally ascribed to him. Friedlaender Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künstler. "Ein unbekanntes Bild von Primaticcio." Belvedere 12 (1923), pp. The name Usenet emphasized its creators' hope that the USENIX organization would take an active role in its operation.

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73–75, 77, ill., mentions this picture among works attributed to the Master of Flora, calling it the artist's masterpiece; tentatively identifies him as Ruggiero de Ruggieri, a collaborator of Primaticcio and Niccolò dell'Abatte, active in Fontainebleau between 15. "Le "Maître de Flore" de l'école de Fontainebleau." Art de France no. 1923] attribution of this picture to Primaticcio, noting that "The Concert" is considered by the Louvre to be a copy after Primaticcio. La femme dans la peinture française, XVe–XXe siècle. L'Amour, des suivantes," from the School of Fontainebleau, workshop of Primaticcio, about 1545, of Italian design but French execution. When a user subscribes to a newsgroup, the news client software keeps track of which articles that user has read.In most newsgroups, the majority of the articles are responses to some other article.

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