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The word prostitute only became generally accepted in the Netherlands in the 19 century.

In present days, Lilith lives as much as back then.

Some men saw money as a key element in their ability to compete for dates. Sexual practices on dates during the 1940s continued to be conservative in comparison to the sexual revolution of the late 1960s and 1970s (Whyte 1990).

It is clear that gifts are a form of communication (Belk 1979), and the messages they convey are multiple.

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The honour of a women was set by her sexual behaviour.

For example, if a gift of flowers is given it is usually done at this stage in the dating in the context of I need to give you something.

When he gave it to her she said, I don t want to see you anymore, by the way thanks for the T.

This is not ideal for someone that doesn t want to be hurt later when he or she learns that the other was using him/her for money [M 25]. Eventually, in continuing relationships, the extravagance of material gift-giving tends to decline at the same time that non-material gifts of time, compliments, attention, and talents become more common.

Modell, John (1983), Dating Becomes the Way of American Youth, Essays on the Family and Historical Change, David Levine, Page Moch, Louise A.

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