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Of course he loved Matthew, with everything he had, but he'd never had a chance at his dream and that would always haunt him.Alright, maybe it wasn't his greatest decision to settle down at such a young age, 20 was a bit young all things considered.He had no one but Matthew, and now even he was leaving. "If we don't leave now you're gonna be late" he sang standing by the door, tapping his foot to the unknown rhythm in his head. Don't rush me" he said dramatically, putting up his hands before disappearing back to his room claiming he needed to change.With a sigh, Blaine wiped his hands on his jeans and grabbed Matthew's lunch, slipping it into his son's little rucksack. Less than a minute later his little Prince came running out of his room, his dark curls bouncing adorably. Blaine rolled his eyes at his sons antics, believe it or not this was a regular occurrence in the Anderson household.But when the only conversations you had were with a 5 year old boy, obsessed with bow ties and dinosaurs, it got lonely.Sometimes he wished he had someone to share these moments with. It wasn't even much of a change really, it was only Matthew's first day of school, but Blaine was worried about what he was going to do with himself.Matthew was biologically his so Andrew had no claim, thank god. Of course he had Matthew, but he had no one to share his first steps with or his first words.

It was safe to say that had been the last time either of them had seen Andrew and it would be the very last.

It wasn't exactly the life he'd planned for himself, but that was the cards he'd been dealt and he was okay with that. So what he wasn't living in LA and happily married. He supported the two of them the best way he could.

Instead of the life he'd wanted, he'd been given a cheating bastard and a beautiful son he loved more than life itself. He did odd gigs here and there, but he was fortunate enough to have savings from previous jobs and the money he'd inherited from his grandparents.

But he'd fallen head over heels for Andrew when they'd met at College. He was finally happy and when they moved in together, he thought he'd never be alone again. But 3 years into their relationship, two months into being Matthew's Dad's, Blaine walked in on his boyfriend, his child's 'Papa,' spread eagle on the floor with their neighbor.

His son was crying and screaming from his cot across the room and the two were ignoring him.

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