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The snake is a little bit scary (lol) but it's a very beautiful bottle and romantic. I smell like this all day and I only use a couple squirts. The scents I stress the most are apple (even it's not in the notes) and marzipan.So I got this just the other day and I must say it smells good but a bit too mature to me the ending scents reminds me of my mom lol. I just wish Jeanne Arthes other scents would last this long. Honestly, after a few rather well needed glasses of wine and whiskey and a terrible day I rather feel at past 1am I need to review this.It's the same scent as Nina (Amore mio came out before Nina Ricci). Reminds me a bit to Nina, by Nina Ricci (but I prefer Nina so far).It's fresh, fruity and a little bit gourmand in the drydown. The longevity and the sillage are good, as the price.This marzipan reminds me of my nana's flan dessert.Sweet and almost too sweet, with a vanilla cream in the base.It's not sickly sweet and it has a gourmand note whilst still being rather refreshing.

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I also like the bottle's design and it makes a fine addition to the other Amore Mio flankers - i.e. Toward the dry down it's powdery and soft with the litchi and marzipan gone it turns into a very delicate powder puff but that's not bad.

Her scent is distinctive, poetic, gorgeous and joyful. The heart features cherry, almond and white flowers, and the base consists of marzipan, tonka, white cedar and white musk. Usually I am not a frag snob, and I find that low priced eau de perfumes can be just as great as higher end perfumes, and that not every high end frag is great just because of a great price tag. There is a hint of almond and tonka, but I don't smell the other notes so much.

However, most fragrances from this company have disappointed me greatly and have been gifted to friends and colleagues, because they are so unpleasant for me. It is a bit young and on the sweet side, but I love the combination of cherry, lemon and the marzipan--it's like a fruit tart for dessert with a glass of rose to go with it. But I cannot pick out any individual notes like I can with some perfumes. The first spray gives a sharp blast of lemon, but within a few seconds it mellows and becomes very pleasant.

It's a good scent fruity at first and if you like a nutty kind of woody end notes. On initial spritz you get Citrusy Lemon but that quickly develops into a creamy cherry marzipan. So having just consumed sickly chocolate galore and a plethora of cheese with my wine, this is the perfect antidote.

Well that's what it ends with on me it may be different for you. Now I normally love heavy incensey niche scents but as I sit in bed currently (or even right after showering in the morning) I must admit this is the perfect fruity floral!

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